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Digital & Social Media

Business Development Consultancy

“Technology is social

before it is technical.”

Inspired by the fast-moving innovating pace of new technologies,

I am full-scale digital business development strategist with a drive to create coherent, scalable and sustainable online storytelling and digital architectures,
with a specific expertise in
social media.

Alejandro Ortega - Digital & Social Media Business Development Strategist

Having more than ten years of a solid professional background in Digital Media & Online Communications, I've been helping small scale and large enterprises to build and strengthen their online brand awareness and customer engagement at global level. This involves developing, improving and leading integrated digital and social media programs and roadmaps to support all business areas and top markets in accordance with their respective global communication and digital marketing strategic agendas.

Alejandro Ortega - Digital & Social Media Business Development Strategist

Today, as the world keeps on spinning around the opportunities and concerns within the high-speed digital (r)evolution I aspire to co-devise spaces where creativity, collaboration and legitimate innovation transcends with integrity and genuine determination. As part of this philosophy, I am currently co-developing a project which aims to amplify the voices of those who champion a more sustainable world.

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Alejandro Ortega

Alejandro Ortega - Social Media Strategist